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Sustainability, cost efficiency, safety and asset longevity are the key considerations influencing the design, delivery and maintenance of bulk water infrastructure and dams. Water, perhaps more than any other resource, is increasingly under the public eye. Bulk water supply is fundamental to virtually all human development activity, from urban and rural human settlement through mining, industrial and agricultural development. Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project Laos Changing global attitudes regarding climate change and urbanisation have resulted in social and political influences that affect the way bulk water infrastructure and dams are planned and maintained. Increasingly, asset longevity is also a key issue, with the lifespan of dams and related infrastructure more commonly being increased through improved maintenance practices and extensive rehabilitation and upgrading works. To service these needs, our water clients rely on Aurecon to provide wide ranging expertise, including dams, pumping and conveyance systems (pipelines and tunnels) and irrigation, encompassing the conveyance of both water (raw and potable) and wastewater, as well as dam safety aspects. With more than 75 years' experience in the planning, design, construction monitoring and asset management of dams, reservoirs and bulk water conveyance systems, Aurecon is an international market leader in delivering comprehensive engineering, technical and management services across the bulk water and dams sector. 2 Aurecon Bulk water and dams We provide multidisciplinary, integrated solutions spanning every stage of dam and water conveyance projects, from water resources analysis and feasibility studies through to construction and asset management. Aurecon has a strong track record in water storage planning, dam design, upgrades and augmentation, condition assessments, dam safety management and dam operations for dams of varying sizes, type and levels of complexity. Our extensive expertise in pipeline and pumping systems incorporates the wastewater, irrigation, stormwater and petrochemical industries, as well as the conveyancing of complex liquids, including non-Newtonian fluids. Our global capabilities in bulk water and dams are complemented by our strengths in water resources management, water sciences, and water and wastewater treatment, enabling us to provide services that span water storage planning, dam design, upgrades and augmentation, condition assessments, dam safety management and dam operations. We do not compromise on Health & Safety. It comes first in everything we do and is a core value for Aurecon. We foster this by appointing experienced teams who combine a deep understanding of the management of Health & Safety with that of our clients. We integrate and align our teams with that of our clients to deliver best practice for project outcomes that meet specific safety, risk, quality, budget, sustainability and schedule requirements.

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