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While data centres can range greatly in size and complexity from small single room facilities to multi hall mega-centres, all data centres have the same key driver of maintaining a reliable service. The primary function of a data centre is to house and support mission critical systems reliably and continuously, preventing damage to equipment and loss of critical business services that lead to lost productivity and interrupted business continuity. When viewed as a single facility, the data centre is a complex machine with many critical elements contributing to the overall operation. MTN Innovation Centre South Africa Well planned facilities integrate all these systems into a cohesive whole that provides high levels of resiliency, system redundancy and power utilisation effectiveness (PUE) and low levels of inefficiency. At the same time, they provide a flexible space that is able to adapt to changes and advancements in information technology throughout the life of the facility. Aurecon has teams of specialists with extensive experience in the application of mission critical systems in data centre environments. We provide fully integrated solutions that are tailored to our clients' requirements. Whether system resiliency, costs or program durations are key drivers, we devise and develop suitable solutions to meet clients' objectives. There is considerable focus on data centres today to deliver solutions that are lean, efficient and sustainable. At Aurecon we understand these drivers from both regulatory and commercial viewpoints. 2 Aurecon Data centres By evaluating solutions around the whole of life cost, not just the initial capital cost, we demonstrate the commercial benefits of installing highly efficient solutions. This in turn can lead to intangible benefits from the achievement of low reportable metrics such as the Green Grid, or an internationally recognised sustainability rating such as LEED or BREEAM. Through the application of leading sustainability techniques and expert engineering practice we provide results that do not compromise the essential reliability of the data centre, and do not introduce unnecessary risks to daily operations. We ensure each system and service within the data centre is fully coordinated and integrated by offering project management throughout the full project lifecycle, from concept development, to site selection, building audits, development approval, costed options, detailed design and project implementation.

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