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Population growth is driving global demand for new land infrastructure that is sustainable, well planned and cost-effective over its life. With population growth and urbanisation quickly outgrowing existing infrastructure capacity, the development of new land infrastructure and redevelopment of existing infrastructure is a key priority around the globe. Sustainability is now an important long term consideration in planning infrastructure, with increased social and political pressures to plan, deliver and maintain land infrastructure in a manner that has the least impact on the natural environment. With more than 75 years of experience, Aurecon partners with clients to deliver comprehensive land infrastructure solutions that enhance the capacity of existing infrastructure and accommodate long term growth. Our integrated, multidisciplinary services, in conjunction with our market leading land infrastructure development experience, means we provide comprehensive solutions for even the most complex of projects. Aurecon has a proven history of delivering key land infrastructure projects for rural, residential and industrial land development. We are well regarded for our ability to identify non-traditional approaches to enhancing the capacity of existing infrastructure to respond to increasing demand. Our expertise has been built on projects around the globe, incorporating advisory services, project management, design engineering, urban design, environmental assessment and monitoring, surveying and environmental and policy planning. We work closely with clients to understand their drivers and objectives, tailoring innovative, multidisciplinary solutions that encompass all phases of assessment, cost and risk analysis, strategic planning, design and construction supervision. Pre-development services 2 Development services Aurecon provides extensive support in the conceptual planning of new developments, including rural, residential, commercial and industrial land development, with planning skills spanning the full spectrum of land development projects. We deliver detailed technical studies ranging from geotechnical investigations to certification of flood lines and cost estimates, and have extensive experience in the wide range of engineering design and construction monitoring specialties. Aurecon Land infrastructure Our experience encompasses every stage of land infrastructure projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and Africa, as well as key emerging markets including the United Arab Emirates and South East Asia. This wide geographical spread means that Aurecon offers a strong understanding of how critical project success factors, including commercial, geographic, cultural, climatic, environmental, statutory and legal requirements, impact on projects around the globe. Aurecon integrates and aligns our specialised teams and technologies with our clients' expectations to deliver best practice for project outcomes across safety, risk, quality, budget and schedule. Our high Health & Safety, environmental and community (HSEC) standards are embedded across all of our projects, which is greatly valued by clients. Project management and related services Providing practical, integrated project and programme management and planning advice, Aurecon's expertise spans the whole life cycle of a project or programme, including feasibility studies, design, procurement, implementation and ongoing asset management.

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