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Securing sufficient energy sources to support continued economic growth in the face of price volatility, regulatory uncertainty and increasing environmental challenges is an ongoing global challenge. While many markets remain focussed on improving traditional thermal energy processes and infrastructure, other regions have set their sights on emerging technology, such as smart grids, and alternative energy sources, including renewable energy. Both private and public energy clients are looking for exceptional technical expertise that will ensure their infrastructure and services are delivered to the highest standard, on time and to strict budgets, without compromising on efficiency, security and longevity. With a growing pool of private energy providers, innovation is also becoming increasingly important, as is working with the client to realise their vision of project success. Aurecon delivers effective, tailored solutions to global clients across the power generation, transmission and distribution, and renewable energy sectors. With more than 50 years' experience within the energy sector, our world class expertise spans the entire energy portfolio including power system engineering and power generation, industrial and process engineering, energy advisory and management consulting services. We do not compromise on Health & Safety. It comes first in everything we do and is a core value for Aurecon. We foster this by appointing experienced teams who combine a deep understanding of the management of Health & Safety with that of our clients. With a strong client focus, Aurecon integrates and aligns our experienced teams with our clients' expectations to deliver best practice for project outcomes across safety, risk, quality, budget and schedule. We draw on the talents of our global team to provide clients with integrated solutions that encompass every stage of a project's life cycle. With project experience in more than 80 countries, we offer global capabilities delivered with localised knowledge. Already established as market leaders in the traditional thermal energy and power delivery markets, Aurecon is also at the forefront of renewable energy and is leading the way in technologically driven areas such as smart grids and carbon management. 3 Aurecon Energy Eastgate Substation South Africa

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