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Aurecon Health 2 We know that the demand for healthcare around the world is increasing as a result of an ageing society, population growth, a rise in lifestyle related diseases and the emergence of the middle class in the developing world. These pressures are challenging governments and local health authorities resulting in expenditure that is unsustainable. The healthcare sector is responding by developing innovative ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our healthcare system, including structural reforms, new models of care and eHealth. There is also a growing trend to share the provision of health infrastructure and services between the Public and Private sectors. Advances in technology also play a major part in improving access to and delivery of healthcare within the community. Aurecon provides fresh thinking and innovative solutions to the planning, design, delivery and operations of primary care clinics, hospitals, research and aged-care facilities. Our dedicated and multidisciplinary project teams maintain a healthcare centre of excellence, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry knowledge and trends. At Aurecon, we integrate multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative healthcare solutions across the entire healthcare spectrum. From delivering a programme of primary healthcare clinics in Africa to a highly specialised quaternary hospital in Hong Kong, we understand the unique and complex issues that exist in this sector. We provide a range of services which are broadly structured into Business and Infrastructure Advisory, Programme and Project Management and Engineering. By combining our advisory and management capabilities with those of our technical experts, Aurecon leads the development of innovative solutions that demonstrate excellence and value for our healthcare clients. Clients benefit from our global reach and international experience in some of the largest healthcare programmes and projects located across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We know the key to success is in understanding our clients' business, their vision, service delivery objectives and financial drivers. The health sector continues to develop ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the healthcare system, whilst at the same time improve the quality of services delivered. Western Health Strategic Master Plan Australia

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