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those that push the boundaries on space, materials or building performance. 2. Early cost certainty Detailed and data-led design at concept stage, incorporating material and labour rates, provides informed design options and highly accurate cost certainty at project outset. 3. Faster and reduced-cost design Coordinated design documents streamline the design process and avoid re-work. Visualisation facilitates faster and more confident decision-making. 4. Streamlined construction Visualisation and coordinated information gives faster and more accurate fabrication and construction results. Simulation and testing of construction tasks with graphical representation sequences provide construction teams with a prescribed work plan to deliver efficient, safe and guaranteed construction results. 5. Timely project delivery Vast improvements in spatial coordination mean any potential clashes are detected and avoided before the project reaches construction. 6. Improved performance and cost savings throughout asset management period Providing the right design data early on enables performance reviews and modifications that improve green performance and drive down cost. More accurate records and information and maintenance regimes enable increased efficiencies throughout the building's lifecycle. For developers • Better understand return on investment. • Rely on trustworthy data generated from Aurecon's project and client- focused BIM methodology to make faster and more informed decisions. • Assess financial models with greater accuracy and benefit from better cost certainty at design stage. • Accurately plan project release schedules to drive pre-sales or occupancy. For owners/operators • Make informed business decisions based upon the asset provided by Aurecon's insightful data and business expertise. • Access highly detailed and relational databases. • Better manage assets to drive performance efficiencies. • Improve environmental and quality performance of an asset. • Execute post-completion building improvements faster and more cost effectively using accurate 3D visualisations and building data. For contractors • Receive the Design Intent model quickly and in the most economical way. • Deliver on time with a reduction of clashes identified and eliminated at design stage. • Inform decisions based on data that allows rigorous interrogation. • Manage construction inventories and supply chain management. • Sequence repeatable processes to drive speed and ease of construction. For architects • View my vision in detailed and insightful 3D. • Make design changes in real time. • Present powerful output to ultimate clients. • Easy understanding of the engineering solution. Aurecon uses Building Information Modelling (BIM) to intersect trustworthy data with real world needs and deliver valuable project outcomes for our clients and future communities. Across all stages of the project lifecycle, there is demand for increased efficiency, higher performance and greater returns on investment. Because Aurecon understands these challenges, we consistently strive to further develop our expertise and apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) across project disciplines. There's more to BIM than 3D representations. BIM requires meaningful, accurate and insightful data that adds value to all stakeholders across the entire project lifecycle. At Aurecon, we have spent years developing and testing a unique methodology that achieves these results. This data is a powerful asset that drives efficiencies and responsiveness. Aurecon BIM delivers connectable data that can be utilised across a project to improve feasibility and financial analysis, time to market, design/build quality, environmental performance and whole of life asset management. Scalable teams Aurecon's BIM capability allows us to scale experienced teams to match project objectives through deadline-driven resources allocation. Our connected BIM team delivers capacity to match projects of all sizes. With a global team of BIM experts, Aurecon is a leading provider of BIM – no matter where your project is located. Overarching benefits of BIM Applied effectively, BIM can bring a vast range of benefits to developers, designers, owners, occupants and asset managers across the built environment. 1. Confidence in more complex designs Innovative solutions can be discovered and tested, bringing confidence to unique designs or Value is delivered through being able to manipulate and interrogate the databases that sit behind BIM. Realising the true potential of BIM with Aurecon Click here to watch 'An overview of BIM at Aurecon' with John Hainsworth BIM Leader, Buildings

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