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Aurecon Mining Services 2 Consulting Aurecon provides integrated engineering Fresh mining solutions today and in the future In the 21st Century mining faces rising challenges. The best reserves are more remote, deeper and geo-politically challenging. Sustainability must be demonstrated at every step. Enabling infrastructure can be the greatest barrier to development. Aurecon combines traditional strength in infrastructure and sustainability with a fresh approach to mine development. Global mining industry experience, safe flexible delivery models, and reliable delivery with our clients, underpin our know-how and capability to deliver projects in remote and challenging locations. Our solutions are innovative and capital efficient along the whole value chain, for the full mining life cycle — more than pit to port— exploration to exploitation to sustainable closure. Life of mine Operations Aurecon's asset management provides an integrated approach to operating Strategy and risk Wide range of strategic business planning and risk management services: • Infrastructure needs analysis • Government and regulatory approvals processes • Capital and operating cost assessments Integrated Project Aurecon delivers all its integrated way to provide solutions supported by strategies and management Cost effective, innovative front end planning Innovation integrated QS Value engineering Execution planning • Health & Safety • Project management • Project controls • Engineering management • Planning and management Partnering Innovative Low cost procurement Modular construction Positive HSEC management Reliable delivery Underpinned by robust proven capabilities and systems: Strategic plan Feasibility Pre-feasibility Concept Explore Social licence to operate Planning and management of programmes to establish and maintain a mine's Social Licence to Operate through sustainable development principles: • Health & Safety • Sustainable operations and development • Environmental and social impact assessments and management • Approvals and permits • Asset based community development programmes • Corporate social responsibility • Community and stakeholder engagement • Social and labour plans • Compliance and monitoring • Safety in design • Resettlement planning and implementation Enabling infrastructure A full suite of support facility services : • Mine industrial area (MIA) • Heavy and light vehicle workshops and service areas • Mine roads and vehicle/personnel separation • Accommodation • Power generation, transmission and distribution • Integrated water planning supply and management • Tailings and waste disposal management • Mine dewatering, treatment and disposal • Waste water treatment • Dams and reservoirs • Desalination plants • Renewable energy • Communications and security • Instrumentation and control • Airports Mining Mine planning, scheduling and optimisation services incorporating: • Mining business optimisation • Mine planning and scheduling • Mining equipment and fleet selection • Mine layout and design services • Risk assessment and management • Sensitivity analysis and due diligence • Energy and carbon options • Financial modelling and analysis • Funding model assessment • Business case development Exploration Management of resource exploration and classification programmes to achieve JORC or specific resource definition requirements for concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and as input to mine planning. Plan/Explore Develop Mine

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