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13 Clients love the unusual nature of the gift. The bees of the Canberra office How are you involved in the bee project? "The beehive project has become like a hobby for me. I regularly post articles on Aurecon's intranet to keep everyone updated about the project," — Jennifer Spence, Office Administrator "I often take photographs of the hive inspections. I also get involved in the crushing of the honeycomb, the extraction process and the pouring of the honey, which has been absolutely fascinating," — Karyn Tisdell, Team Assistant "I started working at Aurecon on the 1st of April and when I was given a jar of Aurecon honey, I didn't know whether it was an April Fool's joke or not! I like to brew beer in my free time and I used the honey to make honey beer. It's great to be able to use a local product to improve my beer," — Sam Butler, Client Side Project Manager, Defence How has the project changed the way you think about bees? "The bee project has changed the way I think about bees quite drastically. I used to have a huge fear of insects, so when Cormac suggested we put bees on the balcony I was very opposed to the idea. Images of bees swarming the office and attacking people were conjured up in my mind. The more I learned about bees and their role in the ecosystem, however, the more I learned to appreciate them. Cormac is so passionate about the subject and his passion is contagious," — Karyn Tisdell, Team Assistant "This initiative has taught me a lot about bees. I didn't know much to begin with, but sitting next to Cormac at the office has taught me myriad of things. It's been a real eye opening experience and I'm now considered a bee expert among my friends. I've visited the beehive on several occasions and I've even worn the bee suit," — Sam Butler, Client Side Project Manager, Defence "I've learned that a lot of what we eat is only possible because of bees. I didn't know that before we started our project. We've given both local and national clients jars of Aurecon honey and it's always very well received. Clients love the unusual nature of the gift," — Mike Palmer, Aurecon Office Manager "Bees are very important to the environment due to the pollination process that they're involved in. As Cormac says, the bees are also very cute and cuddly," — Jennifer Spence, Office Administrator One world. Their future. Sustainability Report FY 2015 |

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